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Nick Foles & Coach J

When I was 47 years old, my life changed forever. My life prior to March 2, 2017 was a huge mess. Dark, lonely and out of control. On the verge of divorce, kids afraid of me and horrible self-destructive behavior. Over the last 5 years, with lots of prayer, learning, studying, listening, and reading, I have continued to develop a closer and closer relationship with Jesus. My new spiritual journey has continued to make significant changes and transformations of my heart. My life today is better than I could have ever dreamed. I look back and wonder why I didn’t see it when I was in High School or in college?

The light bulb went off in 2018 after the Eagles won the Super Bowl and I was watching the post-game interview with Nick Foles. Right after he is announced as the Super Bowl MVP, the announcer on the field sticks a microphone in his face and asks him how it feels to go from not playing in the NFL to becoming the Super Bowl MVP? His response started with something like: “First and foremost, there would be no way I could have accomplished any of this without my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Without Him, none of this would have been possible.”

The announcer basically ignores that comment! She goes onto the next question about the last drive in the huddle, the play call, how his teammates feel and other stuff to keep the general public eyeballs watching. But right when she went into the second question, I was like “Whoa, No, No, wait a minute. Hang on! Go back.” Ask him how has his life been impacted so much that the first thing he thinks about is thanking Jesus? Ask him specifically what he means by that comment. How did Jesus help him prior to the game? During the off season? During injuries? In making his decision to go back to football?

Most importantly, ask Nick how has Jesus had an impact on his life?

I had a bunch of follow up questions that she never asked. And most interviewers never ask.

For some reason the follow up questions don’t get asked.. Watching TV interviews of athletes who are believers is just a teaser. I had to read Nick Foles’ book to get all the details and the REAL guts of how his life has been affected by his relationship with Jesus.

I want to ask athletes and coaches all these questions. And I have been led by God since that point to create a “Ministry” that, God Willing, can open eyes, soften hearts and help others with their personal relationship with the Greatest Life Coach since the beginning of time.

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